Tailored private real estate funds with a diversified portfolio of carefully selected properties.

Dimah Capital's portfolio includes a wide range of lucrative Shariah-compliant private real estate funds, sourced, structured, and managed by a team of experienced professionals. These funds offer unique investment opportunities in prominent real estate ventures across the international market, delivering long-term value for clients. The company's commitment to ethical and transparent investment practices ensures that clients can trust in the integrity of their investments and the expertise of the team managing them.

Our Investment Strategy

Core Plus
The core plus strategy focuses on high-quality, well-leased, and well-maintained properties in prime locations that are operationally stable. These properties include office, industrial, and retail spaces. Dimah can source, close, and manage investments that can provide a fast turnaround on acquiring and selling property with attractive total returns. The company's core plus investments provide a safe and reliable investment option for its clients.
Value Add
Dimah's value-add strategy involves non-core assets that have possible operational risks, which presents an opportunity to add value through a directional shift in management, leasing, and renovation. These assets are located in non-prime locations such as recovering primary markets or secondary or tertiary markets. The company's investment team is equipped to identify assets that can benefit from a shift in marketing, operating, or leasing strategies, which may also include minor refurbishments and property restructuring. Through our value-add strategy, we elevate lower-grade properties to neighborhood properties, increasing cash flow on low capital.
An opportunistic strategy involves greenfield lands that require capital to be developed into income-generating properties. Where the company identifies emerging market investment opportunities and capitalizes on them through greenfield properties before they become attractive to the broader market. Dimah's team's core development, acquisition, and finance experience lies in carefully selecting segments relative to the economic cycle. Through the opportunistic strategy, the properties provide an opportunity to be fully developed and leased, targeting attractive returns.


International Real Estate
International Real Estate

Dimah Capital prides itself on adapting investment strategies to stay ahead of the evolving global real estate market. The company consistently identifies unique investment opportunities that deliver long-term value for its clients, ensuring that they remain satisfied with their investments.

Real Estate Advisory
Real Estate Advisory

Dimah Capital's investment philosophy is designed to deliver long-term value for our clients by identifying undervalued investment opportunities across various asset classes using a top-down approach that combines macroeconomic analysis and fundamental research.