"Beyond Profit" How Dimah Capital Values Social and Environmental Responsibility

Dimah Capital focuses on three main pillars to guide the company's sustainability efforts: CSR, ethical governance, and responsible investing, while firmly believing that they are critical to the company's long-term success. The company makes sure to prioritize these pillars in its operations and investments and strives to make a positive impact on the communities and environment where it operates.

International Day of the Disabled Sponsorship

Dimah Capital strives to positively impact the communities in which it operates by engaging in initiatives that promote education, health, and social welfare. The company has collaborated with various local organizations and charities to support programs that help alleviate hardships in less fortunate communities, as well as provide support to persons with disabilities and their guardians.

Dimah Capital believes in upholding the highest ethical standards in its operations, including transparent reporting and fair practices. it has implemented robust governance frameworks to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and prevent corruption and unethical behavior.

As a Shariah-compliant real estate investment company, Dimah Capital ensures that its investment decisions and operations are in accordance with Islamic principles and values. The company believes that investing in a socially responsible manner is not only a moral obligation but also an integral part of our business strategy.